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Haymarket Media Group

Haymarket Media Group Haymarket Media Group was able to update systems and streamline operations with Jitterbit

“Jitterbit has saved us a lot of time. It’s just literally, quite easy. The return on investment has been excellent. I would say Jitterbit has saved us at least one- or two people’s full-time jobs.”
– Rachel Brock, Group Sales Operations Manager


Haymarket Media Group creates award-winning specialist content for international audiences. Some of the company’s flagship publications include PR Week, SC Magazine, and Direct Marketing News. Based in London, Haymarket Media Group produces content across print, web, and mobile in the US, Germany, India, and Hong Kong. In addition to its print and online media properties, the company operates exhibitions. Since its founding over 60 years ago, Haymarket Media Group has remained a private, family-owned business run by the Heseltine’s. Although Haymarket Media Group’s portfolio is diverse, its philosophy is the same across borders and markets: deliver brand experiences that truly meet the needs of audiences and clients.


In the fast-paced digital world, media properties need to move quickly and deliver fresh content to readers promptly and regularly. Often, legacy software isn’t up to the challenge of moving at the speed of social media. Since Haymarket Media Group informs specialist audiences with the latest news and trends in their industry, it was important for Haymarket Media Group to become more responsive and current. To better serve its demanding audience, Haymarket Media Group chose to shift from working with a legacy software system to storing customer data in the cloud using Salesforce. As part of this process, Haymarket Media Group needed to move data from the old system into Salesforce. Haymarket Media Group elected to adopt Jitterbit’s Data Loader product.


  • Data caught in information silos
  • Fragmented views of the customers
  • Rekeying data prone to error
  • Bad data


  • Time saved and costs cut
  • A single view of the customer
  • Less manual entry
  • Better quality data

“We know this tool can do more. We are just trying to keep ahead of what Jitterbit is bringing onboard and see what we can take from that.”
– Rachel Brock, Group Sales Operations Manager


Impressed by how fast and accurately the Data Loader worked for moving information, Haymarket Media Group decided to upgrade to Jitterbit Harmony to link Unit4 Agresso with Salesforce. A full-featured cloud integration platform that brings together data, apps, and devices with low or no coding. Harmony allows organizations like Haymarket Media Group to quickly and easily orchestrate, automate, and integrate various applications, business processes, and data views. Based on its success connecting Unit 4 Agresso and Salesforce, Haymarket Media Group expanded its use of Harmony to FatTail, a digital advertising platform that serves ads to Haymarket Media Group readers based on their needs and interests. Jitterbit Harmony makes it easy to integrate your systems so you can focus on what you do best.


Initially, Haymarket Media Group was able to update systems and streamline operations by moving legacy data to Salesforce. Now customer and order information from Salesforce is automatically pushed into an ERP system, so sales, marketing, and operations can all rely on the same information. Informed staff are better able to understand customer needs and subscriptions and act more quickly on that understanding. Since adopting Harmony, Haymarket Media Group has saved thousands of hours of staff time and reduced costs by hundreds of thousands of pounds. Jitterbit’s speed and flexibility also help Haymarket Media Group stay on top of a fast-moving industry and give readers the up-to-date information they need when they need it. All without ever slowing down the subscription process.

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